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1,500 Private Label Rights Articles

What good are keywords if you don't have articles to use them with? That's why as a customer of Keyword Snatcher we're giving you 1,500 articles in 20 popular categories -- so you can put those keywords to work!

These articles were written by native-English speaking writers who passed a strict writing test before being accepted. Rewrite them, spin them, tweak them, claim them as your own! That's what Private Label Rights is all about.

A package of this quality would normally cost you MORE than what we charge for Keyword Snatcher -- but you get it for free!

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Keyword Snatcher

Finds Untapped Niches That Your Competitors Are Overlooking!

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My Quest for Profitable Long Tails Keywords Ended...

It had been a long way coming to find those profitable long tail keywords of 4 to 6 words or more until I came across Keyword Snatcher. The old way was to harvest those keywords from the Google planner tool, Ubersuggest, Keywords Everywhere and then run them through Market Samurai tool, to make sure I had the correct ones. Though work, but necessary. But today I rely entirely on Keyword Snatcher that provides me with the winning ones off the butt, so that I can use my time working on other projects. Thanks to Jonathan Leger and his team that come up always with really powerful tools that help the community of internet marketers.

Celestin Kanga Brou

Well worth the price.

I needed to get a ton of keywords for cities in my area that my business provides services for. Put in my main keywords, the city I service, and the radius I serve. I got over 15k keywords in minutes. Highly recommend.

Just What I Was Looking For!

For simple keyword research, nothing beats Keyword Snatcher. It generates a more complete list of keywords than most other tools I've used. You don't need to be a trained SEO to get the full benefit of this tool, but if you are, you'll love how easy it is to generate a keyword list for your SEO and content campaigns.

Kathryn Aragon

Thanks for all you do Jon...

I am brand new at this and I have trust and faith in Jon.

If I do what he teaches me I will have all the success I desire.

Thanks again Jon!

TJ Ward

Why Keyword Snatcher is Essential for Your Online Business...

I have used almost every keyword tool there is over the years and recently invested in Keyword Snatcher.

So far my experience has been nothing short of amazing.

I am able to pull up relevant money long tail as well as primary keywords that get real targeted searches that have helped my businesses to generate more leads and more sales in the past week alone.

My PPC ad campaigns are better than ever and generating tons of new keywords that have increased my ROI by a massive 25%.

If you are in online marketing or run an online business you need to have Keyword Snatcher in your arsenal of tools.

An invaluable tool for online marketing.

Keyword Snatcher by Jon Leger searches for thousands of key words that a person would not otherwise have been aware of.

Language nuances are also considered depending on which country the key words are required for.

Very simple to use, indeed. The time that this tool saves for research and the value it offers in terms of discovering untapped niches makes Keyword snatcher a valuable investment.

I cannot praise this tool highly enough and would recommend all online marketers to add this tool to their arsenal.

Soooo many keywords...

Keyword Snatcher is now my go-to tool for keyword research. It's so easy to use and the keywords just keep on coming.

It allows you to have a dataset far superior to Google Keyword Planner to find the keywords that no-one else is researching!


Lee Hughes

Tired of Google Keyword Tool Getting More Restricted...

I have been using Google Keyword Tool for over 8 years to help me research niches and search terms for my customers.

Over the last 2 to 3 years I have seen Google collect more and more data from us, but reduce the help given to us - to those using the Keyword Tool. So I needed a reliable tool to help my customers and myself so that I could access long tail keywords that I know can generate site visitors.

The time it used to take me to find these niches was often a couple of hours. It is now reduced because I can set Keyword Snatcher working and get on with other tasks.

It is definitely a great purchase because it has given me back that most valuable commodity - time.

Keywords are Important...

I have been in this game for so many years and I have seen all the crazy directions that things have gone.

I put in thousands of hours of work for several years and learned how to get a jump on the competition.

Penquin and Panda really hurt many of us that had used "link promotion experts" that actually killed us.

Finding long tail keywords with low competition may be one answer to climbing back up. I certainly hope so.

Tom Henricks

Killer Keyword Tool...

This tool is amazing!

Using Keyword Snatcher, I found over 10,000 possible new terms on my very first run.

Thank you for this awesome keyword tool!

Bill G

Love This Keyword Tool...

I absolutely love this keyword tool.

It's so easy to use and has saved me a ton of time in my keyword research.

I love the fact that it gives me a few thousand keyword terms to plug into my paid campaigns, rather then just a few hundred.

Highly recommend getting this if you are serious about marketing.

Nicola Meyers

One of the best purchases I've made...

Keyword Snatcher has turned a task that used to take me 5-6 hours into a less than 10 minutes task.

Being able to instantly produce 1000+ keywords within your niche is absolutely priceless and I have Keyword Snatcher to thank for this.

If there is one tool that you must purchase (above all else), it is this!

It's revolutionized my marketing!!

It makes a confusing concept easy...

For someone like me who is not an expert in SEO or doing keyword research, Keyword Snatcher has made finding good keywords to rank for so much easier.

It's a great time-saver and I would highly recommend it to anyone.

Keyword Snatcher works so hard I can't even keep up with it!

I love this tool so much. The first step for me in the creation of any article is finding a great keyword that's being searched for.

Keyword Snatcher gives me both a great keyword and the knowledge that it's being searched for but it doesn't stop there. I now have spreadsheets full of great key phrases just waiting for me to write ( or have written for me).

A month ago a major part of writing an article was the keyword research, now I just load up my spreadsheet and pick one of the search phrases Keyword Snatcher has provided and move onto the next step.

The Keyword Snatcher output can easily be input into your keyword research (SEO) tools.

I love when technology provides an easy solution that goes above and beyond the requirement!

I highly recommended Keyword Snatcher.

John Conleth

Delighted Keyword Snatcher Owner...

I'm in a highly competitive niche and have used other tools, both paid and free.

I'm happy to say that today on my first day of usage I have generated over an additional 500 keywords that I've never seen before!

All this and no monthly fee!

Terrific Jon.

Lenny Robbins

My Favorite Keyword Research Tool...

Keyword Snatcher is now my favorite keyword research tool.

It gives you the research you need so that you know WHAT content to create.

I am really impressed with its power and ease of use.

Isa Miranda

Fantastic Bit of Software...

I bought this piece of software as I own an ecommerce site selling designer watches and the keywords I go for are very competitive.

Keyword Snatcher has allowed me to find those keywords that the big boys are not going for :)

It has literally unearthed thousands of keywords I would never have gone for and is super fast!

Hands Down, This Is The Best!

Dear Jonathan,

Just a couple of lines to say thanks for "Keyword Snatcher" this is one great tool for any marketer, blogger or article writer.

Jonathan, one more thing on ocasion I have had to stop the program, because if I lived two life times, there is no way I would be able to use all the keyword ideas that "Keyword Snatcher comes up with!!

I use a couple of your other tools "Instant Article Wizard" and "Article Builder" and I can out put 100's of articles daily if I wanted to and still have a life.

Thanks Jonathan, you've made my Internet Marketing life sooooo easy.

Hands down this is the best!

Gerald Boykin

Gerald Boykin

Holy Crap! You Made It So EASY!

I have been worrying and working like crazy to build my most important keyword phrases to help me target sales. Your software was way so easy and extremely fast. It found a lot of valuable keyword phrases that I can use for each of the 50 categories of products that I carry. You saved me so much time in building these lists and I know I can make money with them. Thanks so much!

This has many uses...

I use Keyword Snatcher for many things including finding keywords for articles. It is a great help to find real words to target for my audience.

I also use this to filter keywords to target for my online advertising.

This is a must have tool for anyone who has a business online.

Jon Griffin

The best keyword research tool by far...

I'll be honest... I thought I already had the best keyword tool on the market until I watched a demo video from a marketer I trust who was using Keyword Snatcher to implement the strategy he was training on.

I immediately fired up my tool to get the same amazing results being shown in the training, and was dismayed to find out that the same keywords were not being found (important LSI terms).

I checked all 4 of the keyword tools I own and none of them were giving me those results, so I finally gave in and bought Keyword Snatcher, and am very happy that I did.

I am getting a wealth of keyword data, which is MILES beyond anything else I've gotten from other tools.

Honestly, I had no idea there was such a difference in the tools, I am still blown away even now.

A Must Have Tool For Finding Keywords That Google Won't Give You...

Keyword Snatcher is a must use tool when doing keyword research. Most people rely on Google's Keyword Planner to generate their keywords and that is a huge mistake.

Google's Keyword Planner does not give back ALL the keywords that are in its massive database and by relying solely on the GKP tool you are leaving a LOT of money on the table for your competitors to snatch up.

By adding Keyword Snatcher to your tool set you will uncover so many more keywords that you can target that would not have been revealed to you otherwise.

Steve Billesberger

Keyword Snatcher is a very useful keyword research...

It's a very easy tool and you can get thousands of keywords in just a few minutes.

We spend a lot of time on keyword research so it is amazing to have such a great tool. Good work!

Mario G Ferrer

Keyword Research Satisfaction...

With Keyword Snatcher I was able to discover tons of keywords to analyze that the Google Adword keyword tool does not provide.

I highly recommend this Keyword Snatcher tool... Simply gives amazing results.

Reggie Montinola

Client Authority Manager...

A whole new world. I was intrigued by KeyWord Snatcher from the comments I read within the SEO community and I decided to try. And...WOW!

So many ideas for content development and adwords. A lot of keywords related to my query in few seconds. There is no excuse now for not developing content, and the right one too: niches, niches, niches.

That's the best thing.

It's a pleasure. Highly recommended.

Alessio Madeyski

Exactly what we were looking for!

I had been looking for a way to expand our keyword research beyond what other tools had provided.

Now, I can find almost every search query ever searched in Google for my targeted keywords.

I am also a fan of the long-tail keywords. We have already used this on several sites to make them "hummingbird" friendly.

Highly recommended.

Derek Abbring

Great tool to simplify your Adwords setup...

When I wanted to run an adwords campaign for a low volume keyword, the latest version of adwords couldn't provide me with any useful lists of keywords.

This is when I realised the full power of KeywordSnatcher and decided to become a member.

I am already a member of the other great services provided by Jon, such as KeywordCanine, and each service is really the best in class.

Thanks Jon! JC

JC Bougle

Awesome Software...

I have tried many other Keyword tools but Keyword Snatcher gets far more results every time & is so easy to use & save your keyword list, go get it folks it's a snip at this price.....

I Have Tried Many Keyword Tools. This Is The Best!

I have tried and tested many keyword tools over the years and this one is the best yet!

It delivers thousands of keywords that people are actually searching for and that competitors aren't targeting.

No messing around with desktop clients and proxies. Plugin in your seed keywords and go grab a cup of coffee. Fast and extremely effective.

This will be an integral part of your keyword research process from now on.

Matthew Shepherd

Best Tool for Keyword Research, Hands Down.

I have done keyword research for large websites of all kinds, from eCommerce websites with thousands of products to content sites with hundreds of thousands of pages.

*Nothing* gets me all of the keywords I need faster than Keyword Snatcher!

Nick Eubanks

Wow this tool is amazing.. I am spoilt for choice...

I have tried many so called keyword tools, but Keyword Snatcher blows them All out of the water.

If you are looking for different angles on keywords and long tailed ones as well, this is a must have. I am delighted at all of the new ideas and suggestions this puts in front of me.

If you do not have this fabulous tool, you are just plain putting yourself at a disadvantage!

Steve Thorn

Keyword Snatcher: A Great Tool for Finding thousands of Great Keywords...

I purchased the Keyword Snatcher software tool a few days ago at which I thought was a very reasonable price. I learned of the Keyword Snatcher software from someone I knew and trusted that is presently in internet marketing and has been for many years.

The Keyword Snatcher software is so easy to use that I had it up and running searching for keywords in no time. The five minute video I watched before even purchasing the software explains exactly how to use the software.

It will find many more keywords then the new Google Planner could even come close to. This is a great Keyword search tool. Once you use Keyword Snatcher and see how many more keywords it will pull from search engines you'll laugh at the new Google's Keyword Planner with its limits of only 801 keywords per search.

Go for it - you won't be sorry!


Jim Rukas

James Rukas

Easy to grab niche ideas...

This newly released and updated version is 3 times better than the previous one.

This sure makes finding other keywords(that are not necessarily found in the G keyword tool) easier for almost any niche, including Local targeted search too.


Chris Stewart

Blown Away...

I am really blown away. No excuses here now that I have Keyword snatcher.

To be able to find more keywords than I can ever handle in my niche is awesome. I will never run out of something to blog about.

I can't wait to share this with my clients.

Stacia Loo

Another great tool from JL...

Keyword Snatcher is now my keyword tool of choice.

It widens my choices almost infinitely with the vast number of keywords it spits out.

The low cost was another welcomed incentive :)


Keyword Snatcher shows keywords in Catalan language...

Hi Jon, you're the greatest!

I've checked Keyword Snatcher for Spanish language keywords (Spain - Europe) and I've tested also for keywords in Catalan (another official language in Spain) and IT WORKED!!!!

You've done it once again!

Thank you!

Cool Web Design

I did not even dream there was was so much more...

Like everyone else in IM I was a regular user of the Google Adwords Keyword tool - I even recommended it to customers - but now my eyes have been opened.

Keyword Snatcher is by far the most convenient way to compile big keyword lists. But not just any list - the keywords it finds are spot on and there is actual search volume behind them.

As a Mac user I also love the fact that it is web based and can be used from anywhere on any OS.


Michael Busch

More readers to my blog...

I have found literally thousands of new keywords for my traveling blog. It is extremely easy to rank for them because there is virtually no competition. The beauty is in abundance – even if someone else in my niche picks up Keyword Snatcher, it will take years before all the keywords are “taken”.

Thank you, Jonathan, for another great product.

David Petrvalsky

Similarity between keywords and coffee....

A few days ago I just had my new website near ready from the website builder. I then had the builder on the line asking me to send him my preferred keywords.

I did not have any list of keywords, and as you probably know, to get a good list of keywords is rather time consuming.

I then found this tool called Keyword Snatcher. I purchased this tool, and 1 hour later my list of 800 up to date keywords was a reality.

My website builder is still asking me how I got these actual and updated keywords this quick.

My website builder now offer his services to find keywords to his clients using Keyword Snatcher.

Thanks Jonathan Leger for a 5 star product!

Best regards.

Alf Erik Christensen

Where did all those keywords come from?

Today’s SEO is all about targeting the long tail keyword, but the problem is finding ones that are relevant and/or have some search volume.

As an SEO I've got a few keyword tools, but nothing as fast and as thorough as Keyword Snatcher. It makes keyword research exciting again.

This is my go to keyword tool from now on and it should be yours.

Richard Merry

Richard Merry

Keyword Snatcher - More Than I Can Believe!

I just cannot believe the number of additional keywords that Keyword Snatcher comes up with! Oodles, or should I say thousands, more than Google Keyword Tool and even the new Keyword Planner.

Absolutely brilliant as always. Jonathan Leger always comes up with the goods!

Simply the Best!

I've seen thousands of products launched over the years and I can count on one hand the ones I actually counted down the minutes until launch. Keyword Snatcher is one of them.

This is an incredible tool for ANY business. I found thousands of new keywords in no time. As a marketer and web developer, I've tried every tool imaginable.

Keyword Snatcher is Simply the Best!

Matt Kaey

30 seconds to Success! I Found the hidden keywords right away...

Keyword Snatcher produced results in seconds.

You think it would be easy to give away 250,000 advertising credits. Well it's not. I have a series of 45 blogs all driving traffic to one squeeze page.

Until Keyword Snatcher I had been using Google and another keyword tool to find keywords. The challenge was I could never drill down to the good stuff. Hours and hours trying in vain to get the keywords and keyword phrases that I could rank for.

Jon Leger's Keyword Snatcher found the words and the phrases in less than 30 seconds. It was amazing. I was so impressed that I just cant' tell you how much I value this easy to use tool.

Thank you Jon I literally increased my income potential in seconds.

Dori ONeill

Pleasantly surprised!

Well this was a breath of fresh air! The speed and agility is what most took me by surpise - plus the fact that, with the online login option, I can allow my virtual staff access to this, and have them do the work for me.

I now have them login and use this to get keyword ideas for new content, quickly and easily, and download the list so they can reference it in their content creation.

Great work John!

Love The New Keyword Snatcher...

After purchasing Keyword Snatcher I tried it out immediately to see what it could do. I stopped it at 5000 keyword variations. Wow! It's just a great new tool. I'll use it a lot.

Sylvia Seamands

Best New Keyword Tool I've Found...

I'm always on the lookout for effective keyword tools and where others disappoint, this one delivers. We're using it within our business and recommending it to our customers (newbie online marketers) too! Great work guys!

Keyword Snatcher is an Awesome Keyword Tool...

The first time I used 'Keyword Snatcher', I was amazed at how quickly it produced high quality sets of short and long keyword phrases for my niche. This will help with all my SEO needs: such as articles, blog posts, video tags and PPC ads.

Thank you Jon Leger for providing this incredible software tool. Keyword Snatcher…Highly Recommended

Keyword Snatcher works Great for my Real Estate Accounts...

Keyword Snatcher is a great addition for my SEO.

My Real Estate Brokers and Agents all want to be found in the top pages so not only do they get the traffic but also they can demonstrate their site position to sellers and get more.

Real Estate being so competitive, it is hard to rank for the most obvious Keyword phrases such as "your city real estate" Using Keyword snatcher however gives me so many choices such as "your city real estate listings" The simple addition of just that one word makes it easier to rank in the top pages.

Using less competitive keywords to get good page position still brings traffic to my sites and also lets the Brokers and Agents demonstrate that they are aggressively marketing themselves on the internet and hence are in a better position to Sell their homes.

Bottom line: Keyword Snatcher is simply a Great Addition to my SEO stable of tools.

Dennis Handa

Talk about Snatching up a GREAT DEAL!

Thank you Jon!

I just ordered my first NicheJet site from over the weekend and was so impressed that I ordered another. Without a doubt, you guys really deliver VALUE for the buck! The QUALITY of my new NICHEJET sites is AWESOME.

But what really blew me away is the value of Keyword Snatcher. It is so easy to dial in on the low competition keywords. What a time saver this is.

I was preparing mentally for a long dry spell before I could realistically expect a return on my sites' investment. But, someone is watching out for me, because along came KW Snatcher, Monday morning.

This is a "game changer". Why would anyone, in IM, who's aware of this tool, not have it? In my way of thinking, you would be paying for the system, without enjoying the benefits.

Just ask yourself, I did. "How much am I losing in lost opportunities"?

Thank you, so much!

Mike Walker

One Awesome Tool...

I wanted to share my heart felt thoughts regarding this Keyword Snatcher. It truly simplifies the need to grab multiple keywords without being short changed.

Thank you Jon Leger for such an awesome tool.

Please, if your looking to expand your niche, then look no further. "The Keyword Snatcher" is the way to go. GRAB IT and GO!


Anthony Wilkins

Anthony Wilkins

Too Many Keywords!!!

Thanks for the plethora of keywords from KeywordSnatcher. It's 'almost' too many! I now have more content ideas than I know what to do with. Better get to work.... :)

Faster Research and Better Writing...

I bought Keyword Snatcher as soon as it was available because I can't afford an assistant and can't give my writing a full time effort. And, it instantly solved my problems by eliminated countless hours of researching keywords.

What I didn't really expect is how Keyword Snatcher has made my article planning and writing more efficient by giving me comprehensive sets of short and long keywords to use in my article writing research tools. This has already led to better and more efficient writing.

Keyword tool designed for the go-getter...

Just when it turned out the Google Keyword Tool was less than we had thought, Jonathan Leger comes up with a superior program to make a small web master's work easier and more focused... Keyword Snatcher.

One Of My Favorite SEO Tools!

I have been doing SEO and marketing on the Internet for more than 10 years. I have spent thousands of dollars on tools to help me with my trade. Some tools or memberships I pay over $200 per month. When Jonathan sends me an email I read it, because I know it will be a valuable tool and it will be reasonably priced.

KeywordSnatcher is an amazing tool for the price. I use this tool almost daily for finding niche keywords and to also find related tags for my post and videos. Now with the new version it is even better and I'm very excited about these changes. Keep up the good work Jonathan!

I highly recommend this tool !


Fred Farnsworth Jabez International

Fred Farnsworth

Great value for advertisers...

This tool produces FAR MORE good keywords than the Google Keyword tool. If you are spending money on ads or looking for long-tail SEO traffic, this will pay for itself many times over.

I'm very happy with my results.

Thanks John!

Michael King

Keywordsnatcher Opened My Eyes...

Unbelievable!!! Why? Because Keywordsnatcher Opened My Eyes

I found thousand of buying keywords in minutes that I never thought of before. It's cool and easy to use.

Nyoman Subandi

Found the Niche Keywords for my Site...

Keyword Snatcher helped me find the right keywords for my site. This has improved traffic by finding those niche keywords we all want.

Just Incredible...

I had the original version of Keyword Snatcher but KS2 takes it all to a whole new level.

I write short books which address the various problems that people have. So I'm interested in what they want solutions to.

I put in a broad term, not necessarily looking for keywords, more for niche ideas. It returned almost 50,000 results! Now all I've got to do is sift through them!! (shakes head)

I particularly like the fact that Keyword Snatcher doesn't only use Google. Yahoo, Bing, Amazon and eBay all get a look in too. Most other keyword tools and most webmasters only use Google.

Another great piece of software from Jonathan.

Stan Craigie

Help with the insurance long tail...

Anyone who has worked in any competitive niche online knows how difficult it can be to rank for head terms. Try ranking for auto insurance and you're up against competitors who spend $10+ million a year just on SEO.

The only way for the little guy to make money is by focusing on long tail keywords people are actually searching for. Keyword snatcher makes this easy! I bought the original when it first came out and was instantly hooked. Version 2.0 is even better with fast web based searches and more search options.

You'd be crazy not to buy this product given the value it can deliver.

This really works...

Hi,...I am a blind internet marketer,...Yes,...blind people do use computers, and the internet...

Well,...when I recieved the link for "Keyword Snatcher",...I didn't use it right away.

I know Jonathan made great software in the past,...I thought I would "Get around to it it in a while"...

When I actually did use the "Keyword Snatcher" software, Wow!,...I had no idea what I was missing...

This really works!,...I mean, everything Jonathan makes works,...but, "This really Works!"...

For an added plus, is totally accessible for blind computer users,...Yes,...I can't tell you how many times I come across a great piece of software, or program, only to find it not accessible for blind users...

So,...this was money well spent!,...Thank You Jonathan,...and I appreciate the fact that you make your software, and programs accessible for blind users...

This "Keyword Snatcher" is pulling some keywords that I never thought of,...and, the fact that I run an article directory, me a huge way to put "Keyword Snatcher" to work...


Hi Jonathan,

Great job with Keyword Snatcher! I am an amateur webmaster and like to add visitor value to my pages with custom scroll boxes containing what I call "Magic Links." These are clickable links to exact match Google search results for hundreds (thousands?) of terms relating to my page content. I used to use the Google keyword tool, but, now I use Keyword Snatcher. For my purposes, it was love at first sight!

Very best regards,

John Burch

Keyword Snatcher is The Best...

I have long had difficulties in easily finding good keywords and have tried most other software offerings on the net, only to be disappointed time and again.

Keyword Snatcher has made this job so much easier to find the niches I want to target and it actually gives me even more great niches than I ever expected. Its a wonder I managed without it for so long!

Well done, Jonathan - another great product that works, just like you said it would.

Another Triumph!

Well done, you did it again. This is another must have tool for anyone with even a remote interest in SEO.

Graham Taylor

Just Get It and Use It!

Been doing SEO since 1998, specializing in local small business online marketing for the last 5 years. I sure don't know everything about keywords and traffic but I do know a bit and have ranked hundred's of sites number one or many keywords.

The existing keyword tools are not as useful as they once were. Keyword Snatcher easily finds many high value terms that it used to take me (or my staff) hours to dig out. It's a time saver.

This really is a secret weapon if you want steady increasing traffic and profits.

Mark Bossert

Suspect Confirmed...

Google has long been suspected to fudge results in their keyword tool. If you had an AdWords account you got different results than those without an account.

With keyword snatcher you can have the confidence that you're getting the full results, and that my friends is what all Jonathan Leger products give you.

Ted Georgakis

Hidden Keywords Uncovered...

I love Keyword Snatcher. I've been using it over the last year and the recent upgrades made this tool even better. It's faster, easier to use and access and best of all you can uncover a lot more keywords than what Google or any search engine is actually showing us.

One tiny little keyword that you uncover can easily pay for this tool over and over again.

Another great piece to this tool is that it's simply a 1-Time fee rather than a monthly subscription!

How awesome is that? Pay once and get lifetime use.

Jon, the tools you continuously put out make life on the Internet so much easier.

Thank you for a fantastic tool and keep putting out these types of awesome high quality products.

Michael S Brown

Probiotics Keyword List Much Deeper Than Google...

I sell probiotic products and other items online and I purchased keyword snatcher the fist time it came round and it has never let me down.

I couldn't do without it now that I know there are a tonne more keywords to go for that Google fails to deliver. When I was searching for probiotics using traditional methods I got 800 keywords returned. Using keyword snatcher I got 4555. I think that says it all really.

If you're selling any kind of product this is a must!

Keyword Snatcher - Latest Version Is Breathtaking...

I have tried just about every Keyword Research Tool on the market and can say without doubt Keyword Snatcher trumps them all. It is easy to install, it is easy to use and it is very, very fast no matter if you choose your source as Google, Yahoo, Bing, Amazon, eBay or all 5!

Keyword Snatcher Is A Must For Highly Competitive Niches Like Mine...

I run a Self Defense Products site and the competition is really fierce and using Keyword Snatcher allows me to find "unknown" keywords that I can use to write articles about products that help people defend themselves with.

Thanks for creating this great product!

KeyWord Snatcher Is A Top Shelf Product...

I am lovin' me some KW Snatcher!!

No more having to dig around to come up with KWs & subjects to write about. KW Snatcher provides more than you will ever need.

Thanks Jon for another great product!

Wayne Stanila

The Speed is Supersonic, the Results Rich in Reward...

Keyword Snatcher 2.0 is incredibly fast. The first time I ran the online version of this amazing tool I was in awe at the speed with which all the keyword variations appeared before my eyes. I have a poor internet connection where I live, so goodness knows how quick it would be for those with better broadband speeds.

I have used keyword research tools for quite a few years now, but Keyword Snatcher 2.0 takes the process to a whole new level. Highly recommended.

Roy Thomsitt

Keyword Snatcher Allows My Health Site to Easily Rank for 100's of Undiscovered Niche Keywords...

I'm in the health and wellness industry and know that finding the right keywords to use is really hard if you don't have the right tools. Finding low competition keywords using Google Keyword Tool is not enough to stand out and get noticed. That's why I've used Keyword Snatcher not only to find great "undiscovered" keywords that I can rank for on page 1 of Google but also for use in Linking campaigns to drive quality backlinks to my site. I highly recommend Keyword Snatcher for doing all of these tasks.

Glenn Freiboth

Keywords with Ease!

Keywords that aren't searched for are EASY to rank for, but if no one is searching them, there won't be any traffic so why bother?

On the other hand overly competitive keywords like "insurance quotes" are nearly impossible to rank for.

Keyword snatcher has helped us find and target niche related keywords that are actually achievable and searched for in our highly competitive industry.

Thank you for developing this user friendly tool!

William Avon Agency

So Much Easier to Use Than Programs 3 X the PRICE!

I have learned that doing your research of Keywords, before you create your content or start your campaign, is so important.

With Keyword Snatcher life is so much easier; it helps you find so many alternative words within your Niche to really maximize your effort and RESULTS!

Not only does Keyword Snatcher save me so much time, but it even does the research for me. I will recommend it to everyone that is marketing anything on-line.

Great Job!

Cory Alan

Keyword Snatcher Opens The Long-Tail Floodgates...

Thank you Keyword Snatcher for opening the flood gates to a whole new list of keywords that are focused on my narrow niche.

I was looking at some pretty slim pickings as I was selecting keywords for my niche, but after using the new Keyword Snatcher tool, I found more than enough to choose from.

This is a great software to help me uncover those hidden long-tail keywords and give me more ammunition for my article marketing campaigns.

No doubt about it, this is money well spent!



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